Your dependable partner

The metaphorical proverb “Action speaks louder than words” succinctly encapsulates Forklift and Pallet Truck’s company ethos and aspirations. It is not just idle rhetoric but a sincere statement of how we partner with our customers to form a mutually beneficial business relationship that builds trust and provides a return on investment for them.

We pride ourselves in providing first class service and value for money products to our client base. We make ourselves available at all times to resolve your queries and business issues so you know you have a reliable partner in your equipment acquisition and maintenance. Our extensive knowledge of the Lifting and Handling Equipment business and our thirty five years experience providing a professional service to our customers places us in a prime position to guide and help you make the right choices when purchasing a Forklift, Stacker, Pallet Truck and Handling Equipment.

Forklift and Pallet Truck value our reputation as one of the longest standing hydraulic equipment suppliers in Dublin. As such we can facilitate your business equipment needs by offering you the ideal solution at competitive prices. Our sales experience in supplying a wide range of customers straddling both the industrial and business sectors is reinforced by a professional service, repairs and maintenance provision designed to ensure there is no downtime with your Lifting and Handling Equipment.

Our customers become our partners in a seamless arrangement built on mutual trust and dependable service. This business philosophy is reflected in our Company mantra “your business is our business” and signifies the importance we attach to nurturing good relationships with all our clients. It also highlights the fact that we are in this business for the long haul and why we are promoting lifelong partnership with our clientele. Through this partnership we can provide an advanced preventative maintenance programme that provides our customers with complete protection against the challenges of unforeseen equipment failure. This support service guarantees that you, our customers, will never experience any downtime with your operational equipment.

We use a sophisticated software programme to provide useful feedback data relating to your equipment usage through the processes of tracking, analysing and then configuring appropriate maintenance schedules for all your machines so you never have to worry about potential equipment malfunctions and the negative knock on effects on your business. We shoulder the burden of maintaining all your equipment through this digitalised automated system freeing you to do what you do best - running your business! You can rely on us as your dependable partner to provide a full service support system. We have a mobile support and repairs unit to respond immediately to emergency situations or simply service your equipment outside of a planned maintenance contract. Our highly qualified technicians can make on the spot repairs where feasible or carry out major repairs in our workshop when required. We can mitigate any down time by providing you with a temporary equipment hire service at cost efficient rates. Our aim is to maintain your business workflow so you experience no interruptions and no potential loss in trade or revenue.

As your dependable partner we are only ever a phone call or EMail away from quickly resolving your problem. Call us today and we will help you find the right equipment at the right price for all your business needs.