Short -Term Forklift Hire

Short -Term Forklift Hire

The reasoning behind short-term Forklift Hire normally revolves around a few scenarios in the workplace where it is financially advantageous to fill a gap in the equipment inventory with a short term solution.

An unforeseen event or equipment failure may demand an immediate solution to salvage the situation. To prevent serious interruptions to business workflow you need to take immediate remedial action. The breakdown of an operational Forklift, that is pivotal to the essential business workflow process, requires an immediate replacement machine to fill the void. A short- term hire Forklift provided by ourselves at Forklift and Pallet Truck is the solution to the problem. It will keep your business running smoothly with no downtime and no discernible financial loss through reduction in revenue.

Another scenario might be an extra demand and pressure on business equipment through seasonal increase in business for example Christmas time. Hiring a Forklift short-term would be a much cheaper corporate option as opposed to adding to the Fleet especially if it was redundant for the rest of the year. We can bridge that gap with immediate flexible short-term hire at cost affordable effective rates. Should the need arise we can extend the period of hire to meet your evolving requirements with no penalties or surcharges.

Short-term Forklift rental can be a very attractive proposition and a most essential solution in a situation where large quantities of goods or produce arrive unexpectedly at your depot and have to be moved at short notice. The same variable could apply to a scenario where a Company faces a very tight deadline to load, unload or deliver a quantity of goods that requires another Forklift to get the job done on time. The fast short-term hire of the equipment could mitigate any pressures presented by the situation and could pay its way without incurring any extra overheads. It can be a cost effective temporary solution for a temporary problem.

Our short-term Forklift hire enables Companies to locate the right equipment for the job especially when under pressure. We can provide the expertise to supply the Forklift most suitable for the job and maybe even better than the one you already operate onsite. Why pay extra for an overcapacity machine that is draining on your resources? It does not make practical or economic sense. That is why it is essential you should come to an experienced provider like Forklift and Pallet Truck where you will receive reliable and knowledgeable service.

Our short-term hire contract is a very flexible arrangement priced accordingly for different hire periods. We can give you more competitive rates on longer periods of hire and the reassurance of fixed costs. The benefits of our short-term Forklift hire are :

  • You are getting a reliable machine with a capacity suited to the job
  • The Forklift is fully operational and safe - checked out and inspected for all mechanical, electrical and safety features
  • Hiring from us permits you to save on the transaction so you can divert capital elsewhere in your business
  • We guarantee its operational status and will replace with another in the event of a machine failure.