Services and Support

Our services and support are built around a customer-centric company ethos. Predicated upon a customer first policy we like to establish a close partnership with our clientele so we can assure them of our best round-the-clock services and aftersales care. We establish a cordial working relationship with them right from the point of sale so they can be totally confident in our bona fides and trustworthiness as competent partners and in our ability and commitment to ensure their material handling equipment is alway operational.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management includes a number of functions such as equipment financing, equipment maintenance, equipment telematics ( which relates to digital tracking and diagnostics ) and Health and Safety Management. The system allows us to remove or at least minimise, for our clients, the risks associated with investment in Fork Trucks, Stackers, Pallet Trucks and Handling Equipment. Through providing Fleet Management services we can improve Return on Investment for our clientele by improving efficiency, raising productivity and increasing revenue. With our services provision we can provide 100% compliance with EU and government legislation which regulates duty of care and other directives. We indirectly protect our clients against any possible legislation non compliance and directly guide and assist them in their acquisition of their business Lifting and Handling Equipment. We take responsibility for maintaining all their equipment across any number of entities. Fleet Management of multiple equipment takes the onus of servicing and repairs away from you the customer and places responsibility for all maintenance delivery firmly on us at Forklift and Pallet Truck.


Forklifts Parts, Spares and Tyres


Should a Forklift break down it can have a negative knock on effect on your whole business. You can expect interruptions to the workflow, with reduced productivity and output and possible loss of revenue. This applies to new and used machines, LPG, Diesel and Electric Forklift Trucks.

To ensure your forklift performs to optimal capacity with no downtime it is essential to have access to a well established Forklift Parts, Spares and Tyres provider who can supply on demand so your workflow is not affected by any downtime in your equipment. As the old adage emphasises “time is money” and that is a poignant reminder of just how important and central an operational Forklift is to the time element of conducting your business.

Short -Term Forklift Hire

The reasoning behind short-term Forklift Hire normally revolves around a few scenarios in the workplace where it is financially advantageous to fill a gap in the equipment inventory with a short term solution.

An unforeseen event or equipment failure may demand an immediate solution to salvage the situation. To prevent serious interruptions to business workflow you need to take immediate remedial action. The breakdown of an operational Forklift, that is pivotal to the essential business workflow process, requires an immediate replacement machine to fill the void. A short-term hire Forklift provided by ourselves at Forklift and Pallet Truck is the solution to the problem. It will keep your business running smoothly with no downtime and no discernible financial loss


Forklift Service and Maintenance

Now you have purchased your Forklift it is important to think about its servicing and maintenance. Remember it is a real working asset to your Company and as such should be maintained to perform optimally 24/7 - depending on the type and status of your business. Like any type of Forklift, be it petrol, diesel, LPG or Electric it requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and return on investment. By law your Forklift requires a regular thorough examination and scrutiny to ensure its operational safety is not compromised and to ensure its compliance with health and safety regulations. There is a legal obligation to also ensure that it holds a valid “Report of Thorough Investigation”. This applies to all Forklifts whether you own, lease or hire the truck. Failure to comply can attract fines or prosecution which can have a negative effect on your business.

Calibration Certification

When we talk about Calibration Certification we are really determining the official forklift and pallet truck scale performance.Through achieving compliance we can maximise revenue.To do so you have to comply with local and global regulations and standards such as: ISO 17025, Euramet, GLP and GMP, NIST Handbook 44 and OIML and MID ( Measuring Instruments Directive). Forklift and Pallet Truck is the only Company in Ireland accredited to calibrate the following products :

  • Forklifts
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Pallet Trolleys
  • Stackers
  • Handling Equipment