• Capacity: 300kg
  • Stand on platform
  • Platform height up to: 3m

The JX0 from EP Equipment is the new generation task support vehicle. The biggest advantage over its competitors is the highly stable mast and the intuitive user interface. It plays out its strengths both in smaller order picking and in retail environments. The JX0 will reduce injuries in the workplace and increase productivity.

The JX0 was designed for working in narrow aisles as well as in retail environments with its low self weight and compact size. The JX0 will improve safety and productivity wherever products need to be collected or stored in shelves and racks. Work injuries at higher heights can be minimised thanks to the JX0.

The JX0 offers you a variety of features that will improve the ergonomics for your workers. Due to its small dimensions, the JX0 works perfectly in every kind of application.

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