• Capacity: 1500kg-1800kg
  • Lithium-ion battery

The EPL154 & EPL185 are the next generation electric pallet trucks from EP Equipment. After creating the entry level pallet truck product category with the EPT 20-15ET, EP used there experience from the past 10 years to develop the next pallet truck generation. For maximum flexibility the new trucks are equipped with a newly developed Li-Ion battery and integrated chargers. Due to the compact size of the pallet trucks of only 400 mm to the front of the forks, the new EPL trucks are the perfect trucks for any standard application.

In the last few years, EP Equipment’s entry level pallet trucks have set industry standards. EP have upgraded the trucks to have higher speeds as well as stronger motors, stabilising wheels and of course Li-Ion technology. Resulting in the the trucks being more flexible than ever and therefore perfect for use in any application.

The Li-Ion battery is the backbone of the new generation EPL trucks. Both trucks share the same compact battery box but have different characteristics and power ratings. The EPL 154 is fitted with a 30Ah 24V battery and 0.75kW motor for regular day-to-day use. Whilst the EPL 185 has a stronger brushless 0.90kW motor providing higher speeds and higher grade-ability. For a longer run time and use in heavier applications the EPL 185 is equipped with a 48V 20Ah battery.

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