• Capacity: 1200kg/1500kg
  • Lift heights up to: 5.5m
  • More options available

The CQE series stacker truck is walkie stacker truck / ride on stacker truck specially designed for narrow aisle and non-standard pallets. The operation of the CQE is accurate and reliable thanks to its electro magnetic valve. More comfortable and efficient driving thanks to dual-monitoring power steering. Depending on your preferences the CQE can have either a pantograph or moving mast to reach out the forks.

The CQE series stacker truck from EP is suitable for warehouses with limited space and various kinds of goods as it is special designed for narrow aisles and non-standard pallets.

The innovative AC system offers strong power, accurate control and excellent performance. High strength vertical gearbox and a longer working life. High strength H shape mast channel and High stability Straddle design.

The CQE series has many great features that will help you improve your daily operations.

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