Fleet Management includes a number of functions such as equipment financing, equipment maintenance, equipment telematics ( which relates to digital tracking and diagnostics ) and Health and Safety Management. The system allows us to remove or at least minimise, for our clients, the risks associated with investment in Fork Trucks, Stackers, Pallet Trucks and Handling Equipment. Through providing Fleet Management services we can improve Return on Investment for our clientele by improving efficiency, raising productivity and increasing revenue. With our services provision we can provide 100% compliance with EU and government legislation which regulates duty of care and other directives. We indirectly protect our clients against any possible legislation non compliance and directly guide and assist them in their acquisition of their business Lifting and Handling Equipment. We take responsibility for maintaining all their equipment across any number of entities. Fleet Management of multiple equipment takes the onus of servicing and repairs away from you the customer and places responsibility for all maintenance delivery firmly on us at Forklift and Pallet Truck.

Should a Forklift break down it can have a negative knock on effect on your whole business. You can expect interruptions to the workflow, with reduced productivity and output and possible loss of revenue. This applies to new and used machines, LPG, Diesel and Electric Forklift Trucks.

To ensure your forklift performs to optimal capacity with no downtime it is essential to have access to a well established Forklift Parts, Spares and Tyres provider who can supply on demand so your workflow is not affected by any downtime in your equipment. As the old adage emphasises “time is money” and that is a poignant reminder of just how important and central an operational Forklift is to the time element of conducting your business.