Forklift Service and Maintenance

Forklift Service and Maintenance

Now you have purchased your Forklift it is important to think about its servicing and maintenance. Remember it is a real working asset to your Company and as such should be maintained to perform optimally 24/7 - depending on the type and status of your business. Like any type of Forklift, be it petrol, diesel, LPG or Electric it requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and return on investment. By law your Forklift requires a regular thorough examination and scrutiny to ensure its operational safety is not compromised and to ensure its compliance with health and safety regulations. There is a legal obligation to also ensure that it holds a valid “Report of Thorough Investigation”. This applies to all Forklifts whether you own, lease or hire the truck. Failure to comply can attract fines or prosecution which can have a negative effect on your business.

Our inspection covers everything from a drive test for steering to brakes and tyre status. To check essential safety equipment we even remove panels if necessary. Other safety inspection elements include :

  • Reversing alarms
  • Flashing warning lights
  • Effective Roll Cage
  • Overhead Guard

Our regular safety inspections are over and above our advanced preventative maintenance plan which sets out a regular scheduled servicing scheme based on software tracking, analysis and diagnostics of machine usage. We advise all our clients to avail of this fail safe cost effective maintenance insurance that gives our customers complete peace of mind regarding equipment operational status. We also take on the responsibility for arranging and administering safety checks, risk assessments and compliance so you are free to concentrate on your business proper. We communicate all the safety requirements on your behalf to all connected third parties including : Suppliers, Hauliers, Agency and Contract Drivers.

You need to be aware of the hazards and risks surrounding workplace transport as a responsible employer, but we can communicate all the Health and Safety knowledge with employees, operators and all third parties in compliance with overall legislative and safety requirements. We can also ensure it is implemented and enforced through our Forklift Maintenance Plan. This plan preempts having to fire fight in the face of unexpected equipment failure and downtime. It automatically schedules maintenance at timely intervals based on an equipment digital usage analysis and diagnosis programme that is centred on a preventative maintenance philosophy. Our competitively priced contract can provide a professional repairs service with the full range of equipment parts and spares including Rams, Pumps, Motors Shafts and Powerpacks. Machine parts and labour are provided in the contractual cost so you the client do not have to worry about this aspect of your business. We also provide affordable emergency support to those not on the scheme in the form of parts and labour.

Our responsive mobile service unit will attend to your requests for help very quickly to ensure you have little or no equipment downtime.