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Fleet management

Fleet Management Services


Fleet Management includes a number of functions such as equipment financing, equipment maintenance, equipment telematics ( which relates to digital tracking and diagnostics ) and Health and Safety Management. The system allows us to remove or at least minimise, for our clients, the risks associated with investment in Fork Trucks, Stackers, Pallet Trucks and Handling Equipment. Through providing Fleet Management services we can improve Return on Investment for our clientele by improving efficiency, raising productivity and increasing revenue. With our services provision we can provide 100% compliance with EU and government legislation which regulates duty of care and other directives. We indirectly protect our clients against any possible legislation non compliance and directly guide and assist them in their acquisition of their business Lifting and Handling Equipment. We take responsibility for maintaining all their equipment across any number of entities. Fleet Management of multiple equipment takes the onus of servicing and repairs away from you the customer and places responsibility for all maintenance delivery firmly on us at Forklift and Pallet Truck.

Greater Efficiency & lower Costs

One of the considerable expenses your business will experience is your company’s equipment fleet. Sourcing, acquisition, maintenance and management of your fleet is an expensive and critical part of your business and one that you need to get right. If wrongly calculated and executed Fleet Management can become a financial strain on your business’ resources - that is why we offer a special deal on our Fleet Management solution. Cost effective efficiency is what we offer our clients through a bespoke system that organises and oversees the provision and maintenance of your fleet of equipment. We take a holistic view of your business environment and assess your current resources so that your Fleet operations are cost effective and managed through the practical management application of a target-oriented approach. Your Equipment Fleet management plan should be integral to your overall business plan and include objectives to:

  • Improve efficiency throughout your business
  • Scale down overheads
  • Gain greater efficiency through lowered costs and less financial outlay on repairs.

We have the experience and expertise to support corporate customers with bespoke solutions that cater specifically for your equipment needs and related business expectations. Our unique approach provides a Fleet management solution that can meet and exceed your Company’s requirements.

Your Fleet Support Partner

Forklift and Pallet Truck can also provide greater security for your Forklifts by introducing wireless ID systems where your equipment is tagged and tracked using a digitalised tracking solution. Let us advise you on the latest equipment security and performance technologies so you can benefit optimally from our Fleet Management Plan. Micro-managing your equipment through our IT based data system generates easy to read reports and statistical analysis which informs maintenance decisions and planned service schedules. The system tracks percentage uptime of the equipment, average hours of usage, the execution of planned service schedules, comparative figures on projected real costs and damage cost scrutiny.

Let us take care of and manage your Fleet equipment provision in a cost effective manner so you can dedicate all your time to what you do best - running your business!