Customer-centric solutions

There is an onus on all providers to ensure their customers receive the most efficient, cost effective sales and services provision. It makes sense to devise a policy that places the customer firmly at the centre of the equation and to build an effective working partnership with them to offset any potential downtime in their business from a Lifting and Handling Equipment perspective. We like to supply our customers with the very best equipment most suited to their business needs and to achieve that objective we talk them through all the options. With bespoke advice we allow them to make that all important equipment purchase decision that is the best fit for their business.

We at Forklift and Pallet Truck prioritise in this respect to ensure our customers receive the best possible before and after sales service that we can provide. We look at this from a mutually advantageous perspective realising that satisfied customers remain loyal customers. That is why we offer a fail safe planned maintenance package that guarantees no downtime for their equipment and no headaches for management. This proactive planned programme dispenses with any hassle for the Company owners and frees them to concentrate on the daily running of their business. By design we avoid the challenges of any mechanical or electrical faults that cause the equipment to malfunction through regular pre-planned maintenance and service checks and service schedules. These schedules are the result of a proprietary software application that monitors, analyses and makes diagnostics about the usage of the equipment, configuring suitable maintenance intervals or times to offset potential equipment failure scenarios.

We concur with our customers in believing that “prevention is better than cure” so this customer-centric solution is a win win offer for all our clientele. This approach to maintenance has a practical application in keeping hydraulic equipment operational at all times but it also ensures that health and safety standards are not compromised by providing employee safety. If equipment works safely then it contributes to a safe working environment. It is essential that safety features on a Forklift such as, brakes, horn, reversing alarm, warning lights and seat belts are regularly checked and not left until they malfunction.

Planned advanced maintenance takes care of all these concerns as well as respecting the driver’s or operative’s health and safety. It also allows for a business to flow with no unnecessary or unplanned interruptions through equipment failure. The real practical and negative knock-on effect of unexpected challenges in the workplace can have a potentially damaging impact on a Company’s bottom line. That in itself is justification for planned preventative maintenance.

Notwithstanding our major drive to nurture maintenance contract partnerships with our customers, we continue to operate a mobile service support unit to service equipment failures for customers not yet subscribing to our advanced maintenance programme. Our unit’s fast

response call out times ensures that equipment downtime is as short as possible. Our service provision includes the hire of temporary replacement equipment to fill the gap of a redundant malfunctioning machine. Our mantra - “your business is our business” - underscores our business ethos and serves as a pledge to look after our clients. This is self evident in our approach to our product sales where we offer you the best deals with finance terms arranged. We take time to learn all about your business requirements so we can offer you the the best equipment for the job. Forklift and Pallet Truck’s experienced, enthusiastic and empathetic sales team will guide you through every step of the product purchase process ensuring you are completely satisfied with both the equipment and the deal. We offer lifetime aftercare to give you peace of mind and confidence in our product’s ability to perform 24/7.