Complete Maintenance Provider

We at Forklift and Pallet espouse the benefits of a strong partnership between our customers and ourselves as a service provider. We advocate the prudent use of technology for data collection to provide a complete maintenance scheme for our clientele. This offering is based firmly on the concept that prevention is better than cure. In terms of Forklifts or Handling Equipment we suggest that it is much more practical and cost effective to preempt any potential equipment failure by having a proactive maintenance programme in place.

Our advanced maintenance plan embraces the idea of monitoring and assessing equipment usage through the application of a bespoke software programme that automates the process. It provides optimal times for machine service or  maintenance schedules preempting any possible equipment failure and business downtime. The monitoring procedure provides in-depth metrics to indicate equipment working costs per hour as well as wear and tear issues. You could have a scenario where the working environment plays a part : for example the working parts of a Forklift could be compromised by constantly moving over a ramp. Again the severity of damage could be affected by driver abuse and these variables form part of the maintenance programme analysis. The results take cognisance of all these variables in deciding suitable maintenance intervals and times with the upside being fully operational equipment that never breaks down.

It is a general finding in research, carried out by a number of agencies, that outsourcing maintenance is becoming a growing trend among different businesses and industries. This is basically due to the fact that Companies do not have either the training or tools to effectively do the maintenance. In this instance it is much more cost effective for the business to have a planned preventative maintenance scheme that guarantees uninterrupted efficient equipment operation at all times.

We like to consider ourselves as an efficient trustworthy service provider with a firm belief that “a strong partnership equals a lifetime customer. ” Forklift and Pallet Truck can work with you, our customers, in partnership, to discuss and decide appropriate maintenance intervals with a view to setting budgets against planned maintenance schedules. Within our preventative maintenance contract there is the inherent warning to plan, plan plan! Disciplined processes based on effective data harvesting and analysis benchmarks the maintenance schedules and times. As an effective service provider we do not depend on perceptions but rather digitalised automated reports that resolve issues with pin-point precision. That is the fail safe maintenance deal we offer you our customers!

We also pride ourselves in our our excellent emergency call out provision. Our responsive and mobile Service team will resolve most equipment issues in situ but can also carry out major repairs in our workshop where it is not feasible to resolve the problem at your premises.To eliminate any possible down time with malfunctioning machines we can provide temporary replacement models on hire to fill any gaps in your production processes.