About Us

About Us

Forklift and Pallet Truck are a Dublin based Company with over 35 years experience in supplying Hydraulic Lifting and Handling equipment to clients on a national basis. Our customer base has expanded over the years and we currently supply Forklifts, Pallet Trucks, Stackers and Handling Equipment to a diverse range of clients emanating from both the industry and business sectors. Our product sales extend from Manufacturers and Factories to Retail Outlets including a wide range of clients across the whole spectrum. Our Company ethos of “customer first” is based on customer-centric considerations so we like to build a partnership with our customers where we share the same aspirations and attitudes in collaborative cooperation. We embrace the mantra “your business is our business” in recognition of the real desire to offer our customers the most

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Complete Maintenance Provider

We at Forklift and Pallet espouse the benefits of a strong partnership between our customers and ourselves as a service provider. We advocate the prudent use of technology for data collection to provide a complete maintenance scheme for our clientele. This offering is based firmly on the concept that prevention is better than cure. In terms of Forklifts or Handling Equipment we suggest that it is much more practical and cost effective to preempt any potential equipment failure by having a proactive maintenance programme in place.

Our advanced maintenance plan embraces the idea of monitoring and assessing equipment usage through the application of a bespoke software programme that automates the process. It provides optimal times for machine service or maintenance schedules preempting any possible equipment failure and business downtime. The monitoring procedure provides in-depth metrics to indicate equipment working costs per hour as well as wear and tear issues. You could have a scenario where the working environment plays a part : for example the working parts of a Forklift could be compromised by constantly moving over a ramp. Again


Proactive Service Support

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We at Forklift and Pallet Truck proclaim that customer experience ranks as one of our top priorities. For us, happy satisfied clients equate to a great experience which normally provides loyal customers. We offer our clients a service support plan that is fail safe in providing an assurance of total equipment maintenance and upkeep guaranteeing no down time with potential malfunctions. More to the point, we advocate proactive service support as opposed to reactive service support. This sets the benchmark for our forward planned preventative maintenance, support and service.

Proactive support is centred around the whole concept of prevention whilst traditional reactive support is only activated when the equipment failure actually happens - normally unexpectedly and without warning. A good example is the brakes on your Forklift. Do you wait until they are worn down before taking corrective action? A number of variables have to be considered.There is a maintenance

Customer-centric solutions

There is an onus on all providers to ensure their customers receive the most efficient, cost effective sales and services provision. It makes sense to devise a policy that places the customer firmly at the centre of the equation and to build an effective working partnership with them to offset any potential downtime in their business from a Lifting and Handling Equipment perspective. We like to supply our customers with the very best equipment most suited to their business needs and to achieve that objective we talk them through all the options. With bespoke advice we allow them to make that all important equipment purchase decision that is the best fit for their business.

We at Forklift and Pallet Truck prioritise in this respect to ensure our


Your dependable partner

The metaphorical proverb “Action speaks louder than words” succinctly encapsulates Forklift and Pallet Truck’s company ethos and aspirations. It is not just idle rhetoric but a sincere statement of how we partner with our customers to form a mutually beneficial business relationship that builds trust and provides a return on investment for them.

We pride ourselves in providing first class service and value for money products to our client base. We make ourselves available at all times to resolve your queries and business issues so you know you have a reliable partner in your equipment acquisition and maintenance. Our extensive knowledge of the Lifting and Handling Equipment business and our thirty five years experience providing a professional service to our customers places us in a prime position to guide and help you make the right choices when purchasing a Forklift, Stacker, Pallet Truck and Handling Equipment.